Albert Einstein

EARLY BACK-TO-SCHOOL!  ALBERT EINSTEIN, JULY 17, 11:45 A.M. Albert Einstein's fingerprints are all over today's technologies: photoelectric cells and lasers, fiber optics, space travel, nuclear power, and more.  Remember to thank him the next time your GPS gets you someplace! He is the unrivaled scientific superstar of the 20th century.  Explore Albert Einstein the man, both his complex personality and his scientific side.  Einstein did not believe in a personal God who interacted with man.  However, he did believe that a divine design was reflected in the laws that governed the way that the universe worked.  What did he really think about all the ramifications of today's technology?  What was it that made him fear that the day would come when technology and the Internet would surpass human emotion and interaction?  Join us for lunch-and-a-lecture by Dr. Barbara Rosoff, Sun., July 17, 11:45 a.m.-2 p.m., HT Fellowship Hall.  Sign up on traveling bulletin board, please.

Food Pantry In Need of Donations

The Food Pantry can always use coffee, cereal, pasta sauce, canned veggies, and of course $s put into an envelope marked for the Food Pantry. To find what else is needed or how you can help go to: Manasquan Food Pantry website.